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Welcome to an eye opening concept of " Music Theory". This is my approach toward understanding the guitar fret board as well as understanding the basic concepts of music, and the fundamental structure of the major and minor keys, chord construction, how and why the diatonic harmony works the way that it does; How to harmonize notes in thirds to create any chord that you want to play in any key (diatonic) anywhere on the fret board that you want and apply to almost any instrument for that matter.

The basics: "Music Theory for Guitar 101"

Web Site Content:

  1. How to hold your instrument properly
  2. How to tune your instrument(found on my lesson 2 video)
  3. Fundamental finger exercises(The Quasi Chromatic)
  4. How to practice
  5. Parts and different types of guitars
  6. Different equipment
  7. How to be a more efficient musician and make the most out of your band practices
  8. Reading and comprehending standard notation and guitar tablature
  9. Chords, Scales and modes
  10. Making a song your own
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Note: The audio is instruments only in an original called "Miles Away(2000 by: Joseph Carrafa Sr.)" I have the lyrics for it the song will be complete when I find a good singer to put the vocals in for me"

I believe that being able to read standard musical notation is a vital tool in learning music. Some musicians disagree and feel that all you need is guitar tablature. Guitar tablature is a very useful tool in helping you to save time if you are an experienced musician, and most importantly, are already familiar with the song that you are attempting to play. Guitar tablature is good for showing you where to play the notes on your guitar, however does not show you the most important thing “how long to play the respective note."

I will be getting into how to purchase and what types of useful "authentic guitar tab and notation" books you may want to use to aid you in learning and playing your favorite songs and understanding how a lot of your favorite artist approach their leads in their music. When I was trying to learn and play my favorite cover tunes years ago I experienced some frustration with the guitar tab, because “using guitar tablature only took me part of the way through the song”. I am hoping to give you the direction that you will need to be successful in completing an writing your own “whole songs” sounds like a lot but think about how many popular and even famous songs  only have three or four chords in them.

I would like to share a few points on  "band etiquette". Band etiquette is just common sense. In order for you to make the most of your practices everyone is going to have to work together. This means that when you are not playing a song or going over a specific part and you have stopped playing turn your volume down on your instrument until you are ready to play again. It is real hard for a lot of musicians to focus on the song that they are working on and when there is less disruption (unnescessary noises) every one can focus better on the song they are working on and feel more relaxed. Everyone in your band knows you can play thats why they are there with you to put songs together so you dont have to impress them in between songs! It makes it easier for the band to communicate and get through the songs quickly so you can do it again. Sometimes your amplifier will be making noise and you don't even realize it. So try to be mindful of that it will make for a more productive practice if everyone can be curtious to the other people in the band. You will get to stand out on stage that is where it will happen.

I remember when I was with this one band " Midnight Sun"(One version of "Midnight Sun", I had used a lot of different guys with that name until finally I retired it. Anyway,we practiced and practiced forever it seemed until we could no longer stand the songs we were playing or each other for that matter. We went on stage with the songs and they loved them WOW! I mean they went wild and we looked at each other and were amazed at that. We had practiced without an audience for so long that we did not know how good we were because we did not have anything to measure ourselves against. So we got bored of the stuff we were playing not knowing how much everybody would love it. After that show we realized the importance of  practice and that was fun for us again.

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Practicing is just as important as the shows you can work on your sound and the way you look and the way you might set up on stage is the way you should practice. And dont be afraid to try different things on you guitar after all it is a practice and that is what this site is all about helping you to understand the basics and create. So keep coming back to my web site there is always going to be more.

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